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In-Person Learning Begins April 12

March 18, 2021 by Principal Claro Nunez

SFA will begin in-person learning, starting on April 12. Classes will begin to come on campus in-person on a staggered basis. Due to the number of students in 7th/8th grade multiage class, students will be split into grade levels with each grade level coming to campus twice each week and spend Fridays on distance learning. All other classes will be able to come to campus everyday.

  • Kindergarten: Begin in-person learning everyday starting on Friday, April 16
  • First/Second Grade: Begin in-person learning everyday starting on Thursday, April 15
  • Third/Fourth Grade: Begin in-person learning everyday starting on Wednesday, April 14
  • Fifth/Sixth Grade: Begin in-person learning everyday starting on Tuesday, April 13
  • 7th Grade: In-person learning Tuesdays and Thursdays (rest of week on distance learning) starting on Tuesday, April 13
  • 8th Grade: In-person learning Mondays and Wednesdays (rest of week on distance learning) starting on Monday, April 12

Only students whose families have completed the commitment form will begin in-person learning in April. Families have the option to change their decision and send their students in-person, starting in May. 




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