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School Opening Update

July 22, 2020 by Principal Claro Nunez

Due to public health orders, SFA will begin the fall with distance learning. The first day of school continues to be on August 26. Please a letter from our principal below:

Good Morning SFA,

Since the school year ended, we have been planning and preparing to have our students come back to campus on August 26 for in-person instruction. As many of you know, the situation with the pandemic has changed and rates of infection in LA has increased. As a result, the governor has issued new orders that will not allow us to return to campus as planned. We will begin the 2020-2021 school year on August 26 with distance learning. It is our intention to begin in-person instruction once the metrics for LA County has met the governor’s requirements for school re-opening. Please see the attached letter from our Superintendent, Mr. Paul Escala. 

SFA is prepared to implement distance learning again and we have learned from our experiences this past spring. We believe it is important to maximize teacher-student interaction and to break up live sessions to prevent Zoom fatigue in our students. An outline of distance learning at SFA includes:

  • Structured school day schedule
    • 8:15 start time with school assembly
    • Blocks of live instruction on Zoom w/ teachers 
    • Asynchronous work between blocks of live instruction
  • New platforms that will allow students to complete and turn in work digitally and to receive teacher feedback
  • Return to regular grading procedures and report cards
  • Uniforms required during Zoom sessions  
  • Required attendance for Zoom sessions

We believe that a structured school day is important to prepare students for a seamless transition to in-person instruction on campus when we are able to re-open. It is our intention to have our students be on campus again safely when we are permitted.

In the meantime, please prepare a corner of your homes so that students have a quiet area to work and be on Zoom with their teachers. We will again lend out iPads so that each student has a their own device to work on. Once our online platforms are finalized, we will be scheduling workshops or send videos to our families to teach everyone how to use the platforms. Please look out for further information in the coming weeks. 

We understand that distance learning may not be everyone’s preference, but we will make to work until it is safe for us to gather. Please feel free to email or contact me in the office for any concerns or questions about distance learning this fall. 

Mr. NunezCOVID-19 Update to Schools 071620



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