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Being on the Forefront of Education

November 10, 2013 by Principal Claro Nunez

Many parents have been wondering about our new multi-age model. The SFA faculty and administration would like to give you a better understanding as to the advantages of this approach of educating students. Here is a great TEDtalk that can provide insight into this “learning revolution”. Learning is changing and we, at SFA, truly believe it is important to be innovative so as to keep up with the demands. This video is a great way to help understand what is taking place in our world today. SFA is excited to have this opportunity to be creative with our education and also to begin ┬ápiloting the STREAM model, which we intend to get off the ground within the next few years. Please enjoy this video and take a look at SFA’s flyer of information on our MULTI-AGE/STREAM model.

Multi-Age/STREAM Parent information sheet

TEDtalk about the “Learning Revolution” Enjoy !



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