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 Financing Your Child’s Education

Financial assistance is available for families who qualify based on income. Completion of Catholic Education Foundation (CEF) application and verification of income is required in order to be considered for any type of tuition assistance. 

Monthly Payments

Monthly payments must be made through SMART Tuition for all families for the  school year. 

  • TUITION RATES include the fees for the SMART tuition program, technology upkeep and resources/books and are calculated on a 12-month basis: July to June. (An 11-month or 10-month option is available)

  • ENROLLMENT FEES: Returning students: $175 per family ($300 LATE);             New students: $ 300 per family 

 Current Tuition for 2018-2019 

* Can be calculated based on 12, 11 or 10 months schedule through SMART. 

Number of Students Total PER YEAR
1 $3605
2 $6138
3 $7807

 Tuition Collection Policy:

If unable to make a tuition payment on-time for any reason, it is the parent’s responsibility to contact and inform the school. The school may allow a grace period and in some cases may set up a formal, temporary payment plan. Note that this also applies to all school fees. The school reserves the right to ask parents to withdraw their children where parents fail to abide by these policies, including:

  • failure to contact and inform the school of a late or missed payment
  • multiple missed or late payments
  • failure to follow through with or abide by any agreed upon payment plan established by the school
  • failure to adequately communicate with the school regarding finances (i.e. not returning phone calls or responding to e-mails regarding finances OR failure to follow through with what is indicated in that correspondence) 


  • Returning Students – $ 175 per family, $ 300 after due date
  • New Students – $ 300 per family  

School Commitment Hours

  • 30 hours per family 

Mandatory Fundraising Obligations:

Participate in 3 scheduled fundraisers per family (Cannot be paid in advance).

  • Walk-a-thon: $100 min. of sponsorship 
  • Chocolate Sale: selling 4 boxes (min.) 
  • Raffle: $100 min. 

 Morning Care:  $125/ year for EACH child  (7AM to 7:45AM)

After School Care:  (or $25 per day)

Number of Students Monthly Rate
1 $125
2 $175
3 $200

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