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Financial Aid

In spite of these difficult economic times, you have made an important decision to invest in your child’s education at St. Francis of Assisi. You understand that sending your child to a Catholic school will benefit the person he or she will become in the future.

Catholic Education Foundation

We are happy and willing to help parents if we are able at the time of enrollment and if parents qualify for financial assistance based on income. All students are encouraged to apply for the Catholic Education Foundation (CEF) tuition award program. An application and verification of income are required to be considered for assistance. 

** Applications available on Handbooks and Forms page. ** 

Accepted Financial Documentation

The following proof of income is accepted by CEF:

See their website for up to date information:

  • First page of the Federal Tax Return
  • If you are a married couple filing separately, you must each attach a copy of the first page of your recent Federal Tax Return
  • If you’re self-employed/business owner, submit a Schedule C or Schedule C-EZ (Profit/Loss Statement)
  • If you received child support and/or alimony, you must provide legal proof of distribution
  • If you are unemployed or on disability, you must provide a formal letter stating your benefit distribution for current year
  • If you work for cash, you must provide proof with a formal letter from your employer and/or a sworn statement signed and sealed by a Public Notary verifying your income

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